The amazing effect of Viagra.

viagra australia over the counterSildenafil citrate, the active ingredient of generic Viagra and dozens of its other modifications (such as Kamagra, Caverta, Suhagra and many more), is one of the most effective tools in treatment of erectile dysfunction. Utilized as the first line drug in therapeutic practice, sildenafil citrate demonstrates impressive potency recovery results, varying from 66% to 85% success rate according to pre-approval and post-marketing researches of Viagra. During the studies the correlation between the increased dose and better recovery results were obvious (up to 15% success rate improvement), although the exact dose with possible further adjustments is selected by the treating doctor as contraindications and precautions may apply.

The original drug was approved by FDA in 1998, with the commercial release the price per pill has jumped up to $20 and higher. However, upon the expiration of the patent, the formula became accessible to generic drugs manufacturers, who have managed to cut down their operational expenses to press for 3 - 10 fold price decrease. According to various estimates the share of generic Viagra pills in the Australian and New Zealand market varies from 18% to 44%, and the rise tendency is preserved as the quality and efficacy of generic drugs are constantly improved.

The therapeutic function of generic Viagra is aimed at restoring normal response to sexual stimulation. The physiological mechanism that provides an erection is not achievable without nitric oxide (NO) isolation in the cavernous body during sexual arousal. NO activates a special enzyme - guanylate cyclase, which in its turn contributes to an increase of cGMP level (cyclic guanosine monophosphate), producing a relaxing effect on cavernous body muscles and enhances blood flow to the penis. Sildenafil citrate represents the class of selective inhibitors of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5), which provide a breakdown of cGMP. The preparation is characterized by peripheral action on the penile erection. It is noteworthy that sildenafil relaxing corpus cavernosum not directly, but through the function of relaxing the nitrogen oxide.

While the production of the original drug is limited to just a few dosage options (25, 50 and 100mg) and a single form of hard pills, the choice of generic drugs is way more extensive, offering drug dosage ranging from 5 to 150mg and a variety of forms - jelly, capsules and etc.


Sildenafil Citrate FAQ

- Do generic drugs provide the same effect as the original drug?

Generics are identical to the original medicines, as the same active substances are used in their production. It is also worth noting that generics have similar side effects and contraindications are the same as the brand-name drugs. This way or the other, poor quality drugs purchased from scam pharmacies may be less pure and as a result produce a weaker effect, cause more adverse side effects or be absolutely useless.

- Why is the price of generic drugs much lower than the cost of the original product?

The fact that the development of a uniquely new drug is a costly and time-consuming process that takes years is evident. On average, researching, laboratory experiments, regulations compliance procedures, patenting and sales/marketing development take up to 15 years of work and millions of dollars. Therefore, the price of the original funds is very high and manufacturers are looking to get payback. In contrast, firms producing generics do not bear any expenditures interconnected with the majority of items indicated above. Their main task is simple - copying the drug and organizing cost-effective manufacturing process. That’s why generic drugs tend to cost 2 - 10 times cheaper than original ones.

- I have turned my fifties and for several years and see how sexual drive disappears with years. Will Viagra help me?

Sexologists primarily advise to search for the main reason behind the decrease of sexual desire and emotional tone in the area of your relationship. 50 and 60 years is not the limit for male potency, although some age prints are put on general health.

Erectile dysfunction only manifests more significant problems, and never occurs on its own. However, in the event of no contraindications for Viagra use, the odds the preparation will help you vary approximately between 68-84% - these are the numbers acquired during clinical trials of the drug in males suffering from various ED types.

- Can I take several pills of Viagra at a time?

The number of intakes of Viagra should be limited to 1 in 24 hours, while the maximum dosage is 100mg. Going beyond these recommendations will not lead to an improved effect of the drug; on the contrary, it may lead to aggravated side effects and even serious consequences (there are lethal cases of using Viagra registered at FDA).

- What should I choose: Levitra, Cialis or Viagra?

All of the above products are primarily designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, one should understand the effective impact of these drugs is limited at the stage of organic erectile dysfunction of non-severe form. The longest effect is observed in Cialis, as its action can reach up to 36 hours; although this kind of load on heart may not be acceptable for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Cialis is a better option if the drug is mixed with small doses of alcohol and foods. Levitra is the most recent drug that lasts longer than Viagra and has less adverse reactions. Viagra is the cheapest drug and the most tested one - the commercial sales were launched in 1998, and since it has been subjected to numerous clinical trials.

sildenafil citrate wiki- I have some problems with erection because of the fear of failure in sex. Is it OK to take Viagra?

Undoubtedly, fear of failure in sex is a problem of neurogenic plan and to overcome it you will need to achieve strong success. Viagra can assist you in this regard; however, you should consult your doctor before taking the medication to determine the optimal dose.

- Can I take Viagra during the conception of the child and whether it will affect the future health of your baby?

Viagra has no effect on sperm quality and no adverse effects on reproductive function.

- Can I use Viagra in insulin-dependent diabetes?

Yes, Viagra can be used in diabetes, yet you may also consider Levitra as it has better tolerability in diabetes patients and as a result, better results.

- How quickly will can I expect the effect of taking Viagra 100 mg and for how long he will continue?

The minimum dosage of the drug Viagra starts from 10 mg. For many men, it is quite enough to take 50 mg for a stable erection. The dose may be increased up to 100 mg in the event of no tolerability complications. It is also possible to reduce the dose as needed. Any dose of Viagra starts working 45 - 55 minutes after the intake, and the reception of foods prior to the drug is taken may slow down the onset of action.

- What are the side effects?

Here are the most widespread reactions that affect various systems of your body:

    • cardiovascular - headache, flushing, dizziness;
    • digestion - indigestion;
    • breathing - nasal congestion;
    • sensual perception - vision changes (mild and transient, mostly changed color of objects, as well as increased perception of light and blurred vision).

When using the drug in doses greater than recommended, adverse events were similar to those noted above, but are more likely to manifest.

- What are the contraindications?

The medication is contraindicated in those having hypersensitivity to the drug's components. The preparation provides a noteworthy effect on nitric oxide/cGMP exchange, and thus it accelerates the hypotensive effect of nitrates, which may lead up to lethal consequences. Therefore, coadministration of Viagra and nitric oxide donators or nitrates in any forms is strongly contraindicated.

Applying sildenafil is not recommended until the decision by the doctor is made in case of hepatic impairment, serious kidney diseases, hypotension with BP lower than 90/50, post-stroke or myocardial infarction period, and hereditary degenerative retinal disorders.