Alternative uses of Viagra

alternative uses of sildenafil citrateIn addition to improving erection PDE5 inhibitors lower blood pressure, pulmonary arterial pressure, pulmonary resistance and improve coronary (heart) circulation. As long as Viagra-like drugs are taken, endothelial function is improved, which is crucial for the regulation of blood flow.

The above drugs relieve stress of high pressure from overloaded heart, which is absolutely crucial for bodybuilders, because a significant increase in muscle tension can restrict blood flow to the working muscles. Increasing blood flow to the muscles during exercise can increase their strength, endurance and volume while reducing the load on the heart. They also improve pulmonary blood flow, and enhance quality of life in those having pulmonary diseases. These medications are promising for the treatment of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, which goes beyond mere erection.

viagra in athletesTo date, none of the studies showed that Viagra increases the physical performance of athletes at sea level. The drug helps people with low blood pressure, which limits the oxygen transport to the tissues. Thus, for example, in some people at a height substantially increased pulmonary arterial pressure, which makes the supply of oxygen in the blood from more complicated. Sildenafil medications reduce the pulmonary arterial pressure, improve oxygen consumption and positively affect physical performance.

Only a tiny percentage of the top class athletes has no imbalance between the heart and lungs capacity. The power of their hearts, as a rule, exceeds the tidal volume, which contributes to a mismatch between the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems. Viagra can increase light efficiency by bringing them thus in line with the capabilities of the heart. This gives the athlete a vital competitive advantage.