Sildenafil for sexual performance anxiety

Erectile dysfunction in males under 25 years old is oftentimes explained by sexual performance anxiety. The absence of sexual experience often lead to overexcitation, which in its turn contributes to a failure in bed. In the recurrent failure episodes a strong psychological stress takes the form of phobia, not allowing to have a successful, satisfactory sexual intercourse. These psychological issues result into sexual fatigue, premature ejaculation, insufficient erection and other manifestations that start having long-term effect. As a rule the problems pass away when the with several episodes of successful sexual intercourses, but sometimes an extra boost is needed.

Sildenafil anf sexual performance anxietySildenafil citrate works perfectly where the effective temporary support to overcome the problems - the medication is approved for use in individuals over 18 years old. Sildenafil citrate-based generic medication do not cause physiological dependence, and neither their psychological dependence is clearly confirmed - generic Viagra can be used as on-demand drug, where having backup is essential. This way or the other, one should keep in mind that Viagra is not an on-demand erection drug - its effect is produced only in the event of natural excitation and sexual arousal, and that’s why the risk of uncontrolled erections is close to zero.