Why go generic

Generic medicines represent equivalents of original drugs, which either have an expired period of validity of the patent, or they were not originally patented. Importantly, generic drugs contain the same active ingredient as the original ones. Generics are also equivalent to the original drug with respect to their quality, efficacy and safety, the fact that is confirmed by medical practice, clinical trials, as well as registration documents and bioequivalence studies. The value of generic drugs in the world is also increasing, because these drugs offer a high quality, being a convenient and affordable alternative to costly original drugs. As Pfizer and big pharma businesses have no other option but to get the desired return on investment, the state of affairs will not change - branded ED drugs will cost $20 and more. Therefore, taking the generic path is a wise direction.

viagra: generic or brand?

The quality of the active substance is confirmed by a wide range of laboratory tests that are used for the most sensitive, reliable and validated analytical methods and instruments. Given the improvements in the synthesis and evaluation of the quality of products modern generic manufacturers use, some of generic pills may be even higher quality against the background of some of the original drugs.